What’s your Protein IQ?

What’s your Protein IQ?

I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about protein, but I must admit I didn’t realize the lack of protein in egg whites, or eggs for that matter! I eat a cup of egg beaters as part of my breakfast everyday, and I like them so I doubt I’ll remove them from the menu anytime soon. But it’s good to know that my chicken breast, salmon and tuna are getting the job done. Also, if you’re trying to up your protein intake, I recommend finding a protein powder that works for you. It’s a quick and easy way to add an extra 15-25 grams of protein into your diet.

Good luck and happy meal plan-ing!


The Best Protein Sources (minus the meat and fish for me)

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Why I love the Nike+ Training Club App

Why I love the Nike+ Training Club App

I downloaded the Nike+ Training Club App shortly after getting my first gen Nike+ Fuel Band. I am currently on my third Fuel Band (I’ll leave THAT to another post) but the App is still going strong. Nike rolled out some great new changes to the app and new workouts! I use the Shawn Johnson stretch guide and the Hollywood Ab workout weekly.

I also highly reccomend using the app to create a program, which will create a semi-custom 4 week training program based on your desired results and activity level. It syncs with the Nike+ Running App and is really dynamic if you don’t currently have a training program.

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So download the app today and add me as a friend (@MakiLane) so we can challenge each other!

I’m Back

I’m Back

IMG_8668Happy New Year!

A lot has changed since I last posted on this blog. A new job turned into my first layoff, which turned into becoming an entreprenuer, Co-Founder and business owner. A move back to my home-state of Michigan proved to be great for the business and my personal life.

I’m excited to share with you all musings from my “Top 3”: Fitness, Speaking and Being Social. I’ll explain why the “Top 3” and why those listed are mine.

In the meantime, connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to stay in touch!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to blogging again!

-xoxo Courtney Lane