I’m Mayor Again! But does anyone care anymore? FourSquare brings back Mayorships in an attempt to keep users

I’m Mayor Again! But does anyone care anymore? FourSquare brings back Mayorships in an attempt to keep users


I’ve been on Foursquare since it’s debut – I even stuck around when they split themselves into Swarm and a “new” Foursquare app. All that accomplished was forcing me to open different apps to check in and actually find places. But, I stuck around. On an early morning check-in at my gym, I was immediately notified of taking the Mayorship from someone else! You can imagine my excitement. I ran to the net to find out what this all meant. I also was shown a popup calling this mayorship a “new feature” – to whom, I’m not sure.


To my disappointment, Foursquare only had the following blurb on their blog:

Claim that crown: Mayorships are back

When we first launched Swarm, you fiercely battled your friends for a chance at a Mayor crown. But it just wasn’t as much fun. That’s why today we’re upping the ante and letting you compete for mayorships against everyone.The rules are simple: you’ll be the Mayor of a place if you’ve checked in more than anyone else in the last 30 days. Only 1 check-in per day counts and ties go to the reigning mayor. We’ve been tallying all of your check-ins from the past month, so go see if you’ve already proven yourself worthy of the Mayor crown at your local spots.


Still, I pursued the web for more. I found a similar post on Gizmodo, no additional information…or excitement for that matter. The rest of the tech blogs all had the same sentiment – no one cares.

So, I’m still holding out for a revival, and am happy to now have a reason to keep checking in. I’m sure I’ll be mayor of every location in Lansing by August. Any thoughts? Did you let the app go long ago? Or are you still holding out like me?

Why Weight Training is better than Cardio

Why Weight Training is better than Cardio

IMG_5732I love this short list! It’s really a Top 3, with an added booty bonus! I weight train 3 days a week and I’ll say it definitely does more for my metabolism than just cardio ever did. Ultimately, a mix of weight training, cardio and diet are the trifecta to an awesome body, but weight training is a good place to start. Most of all it’s fun to get stronger and see the results emotionally and physically!

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The 3 Things Chris Sacca Would Look for When Hiring an Intern

The 3 Things Chris Sacca Would Look for When Hiring an Intern

Humility, vulnerability, self-awareness and giving back are the major tenants of this post on Tim Ferriss interview of Chris Sacca. I don’t think that the three examples to reach those qualities are necessary, except the fitness piece. That’s a great one! But I think he could have been a little more PC with number 3: Being around poor people. Check the post out for yourself below and be sure to share your thoughts.

Honored to be interviewed for Lansing’s Capital Gains Media, “Entrepreneur returns home to grow social media company”

Honored to be interviewed for Lansing’s Capital Gains Media, “Entrepreneur returns home to grow social media company”

I was thrilled when the Small Business Development Center asked to feature Glow Social Media for their local coverage for National Small Business Week. But to have press want to interview me for even more information was an honor!  I spoke with Ann from Capital Gains Media, a local online publication about how I got into social media and why I #LoveLansing.IMG_8668

Personally, I’ve always loved social media. I remember updating my MySpace page religiously, and racing to get my college email activated so I could sign up for Facebook. I have always had an affinity for communicating and bringing people together through the internet, and through college I was constantly updating Facebook albums and event walls.

My first social media position was a joint social media internship at Disney, splitting my weeks between Disney Institute and Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons. I then went on to accept a role as Assistant Manager, Social Media with Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons. I learned so much from the big D, and the amazing marketing and social media leaders on my teams. It was a huge opportunity and lead directy to my position as Social Media Specialist at gmcTV (now UPtv). I was their first social media hire, and we both learned a lot about how hard having just one dedicated social media professional in a company can be, for the business and the employee. I was overwhelmed, and my learnings there really shaped the concept for Glow Social Media’s agency feel.


I am thankful to have started the company in Atlanta, and learning about running a business in a fast paced, tech-friendly environment. But, moving back to Lansing, and returning to my roots has been tremendous. I am glad to bring jobs, and knowledge, to the Greater Lansing community, where a lot of old misconceptions about social media are just waiting to be dissolved!

 Read an excerpt from the interview below.

When Courtney Maki was ready to graduate college and start her career,it was as if the stars aligned when she landed a job in social media.11187171_10155710960975556_3797933207294371848_o

“I fell in love with social media,” says the now business owner of a growing social media company in Lansing. “I’ve always been social, so to have the opportunity to connect with people world-wide is just an amazing feeling.”

Maki has transformed a passion that started with Disney and an Atlanta-based TV network into a small business focused on social media strategy. She founded Glow Social Media in Atlanta in 2012, then leveraged the virtual qualities of the business to move back to Lansing in November 2013. Since her homecoming, Maki has remained true to her nature, renewing old acquaintances and cultivating social media networks for a variety of businesses and organizations in mid-Michigan.

“Atlanta was a good place to start a company,” says Maki. “But Lansing is a good place to grow one. There are not a lot of other firms here that offer exactly what we do.”

Glow specializes in developing brand awareness, generating inbound traffic, and encouraging product and brand adoption through…Read the full article.

Source: Courtney Maki, Owner, Glow Social Media
Writer: Ann Kammerer, News Editor, Capital Gains Media

The Golden Circle: Start with why — how great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek | TEDxPugetSound

The Golden Circle: Start with why — how great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek | TEDxPugetSound

Simon-Sinek-Start-with-WhyDuring our weekly meeting at the Glow Social Media REOTown office, my business coach recently asked me to search “The Golden Circle” by Simon Sinek on YouTube. As I pressed play, I wondered why he was using up 18 minutes of our precious 1 hour per week with a Ted Talk clip. I quickly realized it was for a very good reason.

In this clip from TEDxPugetSound, author Simon Sinek explains the concepts of “Start with Why” and “the golden circle” using examples everyone can relate to, like Apple. This is definitely a concept that requires revisiting, especially as a startup Founder. He boils it down to knowing your “Why”. That is, “The purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do”. Do yourself a solid today, check out his Ted Talk, it’s well worth the 18 minutes.

Join me June 2 at the Lansing Regional Chamber for the Business Education Series – Social Media Panel

Join me June 2 at the Lansing Regional Chamber for the Business Education Series – Social Media Panel


I am thrilled to announce I will be one of three speakers featured on a Social Media panel for the June Business Education Series by the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce. If you’re in Greater Lansing, come out Tuesday, June 2 8-9:30 and there will be light breakfast, which is a plus! Click here to register.


What does the future of social media look like for small and medium size businesses? How can you manage Facebook, Twitter, and other social media and still have time to run the business? What about Pinterest, Tumblr, or Instagram? Get advice from our panel of social media experts who will share tips and strategies about how to find new customers and generate more sales using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Confirmed presenters include Julie Holton, Director of Marketing, Fraser Trebilcock, Kate Snyder, APR, principal strategist and owner, Piper & Gold Public Relations and Courtney Maki, founder, Glow Social Media.
10 Rules for a Great Startup Idea – Kevin Siskar

10 Rules for a Great Startup Idea – Kevin Siskar

I believe everyone should start a business in their lifetime. Whether selling lemonade in the driveway at 6 years old or making handmade greeting cards at 60, it’s an opportunity everyone should experience. So these 10 rules are for anyone who’s ready to take that first step.

My favorite rule is number 10, “Share your idea”. I often hear one of the two following concerns from apprehensive entrepreneurs, “I don’t want to jinx it” and “I don’t want someone to steal my idea”. First, I’m a strong believer of speaking things into existence, you never know how the person you tell can help you move forward! Second, unless you just invented the next Facebook and have a set of twins at your job snooping around you computer, it’s highly unlikely.

So read the rules and get started! You never know where your business will take you unless you start it!


Someday, I’ll start a business. Someday…
Here’s a summary of Kevin Siskar’s Article on 10 Rules for a Great Startup Idea which I strongly agree.

Link to Original Article on Huffington Post

1. You are a Passionate About It
…As Elon Musk famously said, “Being an entrepreneur is like eating glass and staring into the abyss of death.” If you don’t have the requisite passion, your chances of seeing a project through are minimal…
2. It’s Simple
…All the great businesses of our time have started with an incredibly simple idea, and then expanded upon that. If you can start by solving one problem, with one product, for one customer, you will be sufficiently focused and can have a great foundation for success…
3. One Revenue Stream
…In the early stage, you need to be laser-focused on one revenue stream, and your idea needs to have a clear, singular revenue…

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