Honored to be interviewed for Lansing’s Capital Gains Media, “Entrepreneur returns home to grow social media company”

Honored to be interviewed for Lansing’s Capital Gains Media, “Entrepreneur returns home to grow social media company”

I was thrilled when the Small Business Development Center asked to feature Glow Social Media for their local coverage for National Small Business Week. But to have press want to interview me for even more information was an honor!  I spoke with Ann from Capital Gains Media, a local online publication about how I got into social media and why I #LoveLansing.IMG_8668

Personally, I’ve always loved social media. I remember updating my MySpace page religiously, and racing to get my college email activated so I could sign up for Facebook. I have always had an affinity for communicating and bringing people together through the internet, and through college I was constantly updating Facebook albums and event walls.

My first social media position was a joint social media internship at Disney, splitting my weeks between Disney Institute and Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons. I then went on to accept a role as Assistant Manager, Social Media with Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons. I learned so much from the big D, and the amazing marketing and social media leaders on my teams. It was a huge opportunity and lead directy to my position as Social Media Specialist at gmcTV (now UPtv). I was their first social media hire, and we both learned a lot about how hard having just one dedicated social media professional in a company can be, for the business and the employee. I was overwhelmed, and my learnings there really shaped the concept for Glow Social Media’s agency feel.


I am thankful to have started the company in Atlanta, and learning about running a business in a fast paced, tech-friendly environment. But, moving back to Lansing, and returning to my roots has been tremendous. I am glad to bring jobs, and knowledge, to the Greater Lansing community, where a lot of old misconceptions about social media are just waiting to be dissolved!

 Read an excerpt from the interview below.

When Courtney Maki was ready to graduate college and start her career,it was as if the stars aligned when she landed a job in social media.11187171_10155710960975556_3797933207294371848_o

“I fell in love with social media,” says the now business owner of a growing social media company in Lansing. “I’ve always been social, so to have the opportunity to connect with people world-wide is just an amazing feeling.”

Maki has transformed a passion that started with Disney and an Atlanta-based TV network into a small business focused on social media strategy. She founded Glow Social Media in Atlanta in 2012, then leveraged the virtual qualities of the business to move back to Lansing in November 2013. Since her homecoming, Maki has remained true to her nature, renewing old acquaintances and cultivating social media networks for a variety of businesses and organizations in mid-Michigan.

“Atlanta was a good place to start a company,” says Maki. “But Lansing is a good place to grow one. There are not a lot of other firms here that offer exactly what we do.”

Glow specializes in developing brand awareness, generating inbound traffic, and encouraging product and brand adoption through…Read the full article.

Source: Courtney Maki, Owner, Glow Social Media
Writer: Ann Kammerer, News Editor, Capital Gains Media


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