The Surprising Activity That Helps You Reach Your Goals

The Surprising Activity That Helps You Reach Your Goals

Hint: It’s easier thank you think!


I have the pleasure of working with business coach Tom Hamp, with AdviCoach of Mid-Michigan. Over the past few weeks he has helped me get organized – set and reach goals to grow my business and as an entrepreneur. Without saying explicitly, he has created a series of habits for me – standing Coaching Sessions, goal setting, list making, and lead follow up. The following Advi-Coach article featured on Forbes recommends just that – forming habits is the key to reaching your goals. Specifically, committing to working on your goals in small parts every day for a set period of time.

The most interesting take-away from the study was the following:

Psychologist Wendy Wood and colleagues find that when people turn actions into habits, there is an emotional benefit: people feel less stressed.  One of the problems with leaving an item on a to-do list is that by being on your list each time, it grows in mind share (and potentially, in the stress of not having completed it).

Read the full article here and let us know your thoughts!

In the mean time, here’s Tom’s strategic planning seminar on Driving Change.


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