Finding a Startup CEO Role

Finding a Startup CEO Role

There are plenty of opportunities for CEO roles at startups, but as David Cummings speaks about in his blog, “Finding a Startup CEO Role”. He focuses a lot of his bullets on networking, with Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors and LinkedIn connections. My personal bullet would involve connecting with a business coach or consultant to connect with their clients.

David and I agree on one main premise, focus on traditional networking and focus on growing existing relationships.

David Cummings on Startups

In the last month I’ve had two successful tech executives reach out to me looking for help to find a role as the CEO of an early or growth stage startup. Both executives have strong track records and see the CEO role as the next step in their career progression. While there aren’t a number of publicly available open positions for this role (have you ever seen a careers section of a company’s site list CEO as a position available?), they do exist and require extra work to find.

Here are a few thoughts on finding a startup CEO role:

  • Network with local VCs as they often know of opportunities
  • Meet with local angel investors and ask about their portfolio companies
  • Talk to local attorneys and accountants that have a focus on tech startups
  • Ping connections on LinkedIn and ask for introductions
  • Reach out to head hunters and executive recruiters…

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