Driving Forward in REO Town

Driving Forward in REO Town

I’ve been living back in my hometown of Lansing, Michigan for 15 months now and have been so pleasantly surprised by how much the city has grown for the better. Especially in the tech and start up space. As I started looking for office space for my firm, Glow Social Media, REO Town quickly rose to the top of my short list. It’s close to my home in south west Lansing, a few blocks from Downtown Lansing and right off I-96.

I’m so excited to be a part of this growing community and can’t wait for the spring and summer months to walk down to Good Truckin’ Food to have lunch. I’m also looking forward to new restaurants coming to REO Town in 2015. As a small business celebrating its 2 year anniversary, I want to grow with my community and REO Town is just the place to do so.

City Saunter

REO Town PubThursday night while attending a REO Town Association meeting, as we went over the yearly schedule for 2015, the new businesses coming to our little section of town and the recognition as a Michigan Main Street, it really sunk in. REO Town business owners, residents and those that support this area are really kicking butt! When I first started City Saunter in late 2010 REO Town wasn’t much on the map.Train Station on Washington Ave.

Construction beginning There were hints of movement within its chrysalis; Gillespie Group was interested in starting a crowd sourced restaurant and there were rumors that BWL was planning to build a new state of the art facility. One came to fruition, and the other not so much. However it provided the groundwork for the very successful Good Truckin’ Diner to move in last year.REO Town Plant

aa_Blog_Depot 3 Skip ahead five years later and The BWL Cogeneration Plant has been operating for almost two…

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