Atlanta in the Top 10 for Startups Funded

Atlanta in the Top 10 for Startups Funded

Really love to hear that Atlanta cracked the top 10 for Startups Funded in 2014. My firm, Glow Social Media was founded in Atlanta and spent it’s first formative months growing in that culture. It was an amazing place to start a business and I’m looking forward for more from the city, hopefully with the help of an organization I’m spokesperson for, The Next Big Thing Movement.

David Cummings on Startups

Lance Weatherby’s post from earlier today titled Atlanta Cracks the Top Ten highlights the latest Brookings report on first round venture investments by region showing that Atlanta comes in at #10 (tied with Houston). Put another way, every company that raised venture money for the first time in 2014 was categorized by region and Atlanta came in the 10th spot with 39 deals. Just to put it in perspective, Silicon Valley had 630 first rounds of venture investment (not counting angel rounds, follow-on rounds, etc).

Here are a few thoughts on Atlanta and the number of startups venture funded annually:

  • Cracking the top five is a long shot, but possible (the first four spots with Silicon Valley, NYC, Boston, and Los Angeles are locked down) as the regions in the top 10 are also working hard to grow their community (something miraculous like a Google-esque success story would be required to produce…

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