Forget trying to lose weight…. Lose Fat!

Forget trying to lose weight…. Lose Fat!

My focus on body fat percentage has made a huge impact on my training outlook and my goal setting. There are some great tips Chris shares about weight loss versus fat loss, BMI and the like. Read on for his take.

Chris Browning P.T

Imagine the following scenarios….

Scenario 1;

You’ve been dieting for 6 weeks, cutting out carbohydrates and working out to get in shape quickly for a holiday.

After 6 weeks, you’ve lost 10lbs of weight, achieving your initial target set at the start of the programme.

How do you feel?

Scenario 2;

After 6 weeks of hard training and following a balanced diet prescribed by a Personal Trainer, your trainer tells you that you have lost 5lbs of weight.

However…. this time, your trainer also measures your body fat level, and tells you that it has decreased by 2%, with increased muscle mass and/or water accounting for your overall weight not decreasing as much.

The second scenario should be interpreted as a success. You have clearly ‘burned’ fat, and increases in muscle mass bring about a range of benefits including improved metabolism.

Going back to the first scenario…

It’s tempting to…

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