Because who needs an iPhone anyway?

Because who needs an iPhone anyway?

Well, not only is my phone WAAAAY bigger than the iPhone, its also in much higher demand. Who needs an iPad when the HD2 is enormous? Are you ready to give T-Mobile a chance? Trade in your iPhone, check out the following article…

Teeny screen, forcing the need for an iPad
Awesome HUGE screen

“T-Mobile apparently has a trade-in program that may help those who can’t decide what to do with that old iPhone. From April 1 through May 19, you can trade in

an iPhone for up to $350 credit towards a new HTC HD2. Participating T-Mobile dealers will be authorized to give a minimum of $100 credit (max $350) to those trading in their iPhones. The iPhone must be functional and in working condition; screen not broken, damaged or leaking; and no liquid damage or corrosion present. According to the details, activation is not required with the credit being applied to the fully priced HD2.”

If you’re looking to ditch an old and dusty iPhone for some HD2 goodness at T-mobile (assuming they have some HD2s in stock), you’re in luck – the Trade-in program is live!


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