So I went to T-Mobile at 10am when they opened and there was already a line. A short line, no one was getting the HD2. I waited, and of course they tried to sell it to me NOT at the full discount. If I’m upgrading for TWO YEARS, I’m getting the full discount. The rep was cool, I had to get a case and screen protectors, so he threw in a car charger. Not than any of these things will help in a go kart accident, but that’s besides the point.

I’ve had fun messing around with the phone today, but I can’t get to the really cool stuff like syncing and apps, because you have to have a Windows Live ID (who knew?) and of course their server is down today because of the onslaught of new registrants. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get up and running. Well here’s my phone, and I’ll let you guys know.

And hey, if anyone out there works for Microsoft, fix your servers! I need a Windows Live ID!!HTC HD2


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