But I want it NOW!!!

But I want it NOW!!!

The Phone I WANT!

Well, on a visit to the Florida Mall last week, I stopped in the T-Mobile store and happened to see the new HTC HD2 phone coming out this weekend. I was immediately sold. I didn’t need to see features, didn’t need to hear specs, just needed a price and a date I could come back to get it. That price for a 2 year upgrade to your contract is $200, and that date, is Saturday March 28th. I will be there, money (well credit card) in hand.

Now here’s the kicker, are my parents still trying to switch to Verizon? I don’t know? Do I care right this second? Not really. All I know is that “I’ll never be able to compete with AT&T on products or service” T-Mobile has a shiny new toy. And I want it. Will there be problems? Sure. Will I probably have to change cell phone providers in the near future? Possibly? Is there a chance that coveted new phone won’t even LAST in my possession until either of those events occur? YES!! (and probably the most likely of all the questions)

So I have been planning on getting this new phone bright and early Saturday morning, since… well since my trip to the mall last Thursday.

So good bye BBM, it’s been fun (and slightly annoying because of the cE!rtain group I was invited to today where people don’t seem to STOP BBMing), but I’m offer to bigger, better, and shinier things. Things that happen to have Transformers 1 and 2 preloaded on their memory. And the nerdy Shia Labeouf fan in me is VERY excited about that prospect.

So this weekend I hope to be RID of cracked phones, and upgraded to the NEW, Shiny, and all Transforming, HTC HD2 from T-Mobile!


(Check it out here…) HTC HD2


2 thoughts on “But I want it NOW!!!

  1. As happy as I am for you and a shiny new toy…. (I love new toys and gadgets) but you should be getting an iphone 😀

    1. Obviously an iPhone is the pinnacle, but at this point I’m holding on to my parents family plan, and as long as they are footing the bill, I will have the service they pay for. 🙂

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