Last Day! (I hope)

Last Day! (I hope)

Well my mom is on a flight as we speak to bring me a new phone. Just kidding, she is on a flight, and is bringing me a phone, but that’s only a coincidence. I am encountering my first real concern about not having a phone. Picking her and my aunt up from the airport. How do I know they made their connection? How do I know if their flight is on time? Should I wait outside by their gate and hope they come out near my car? Should I park and go in and wait for them? What baggage claim will they be at? Did they check any bags? Should I get there super early? Right on time?

All of these questions are null and void when you have a cell phone. Text: Plane’s delayed, I’m right on time, etc. Now I have to rely on the airlines to deliver my mother at the time she quoted from her boarding pass. Never rely on the airlines. BUT, if everything goes well, and I pick her up, in a few short hours I’ll be back to the land of the technologically inclined.

Then the real work begins…becoming a first time Blackberry user. Maybe I’ll stay off the grid.


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