Getting Annoying

Getting Annoying

Well, the experiment is reaching the end of it’s third day, and I’m starting to get tired of not having a phone. I need it to tell time, wake me up, call my mom and my boyfriend, it’s just really a necessity.

I got an offer to buy a used G1, but I’d have to supply my own battery and back cover… what exactly would I be paying for? I’ll wait until my aunt brings me a replacement on Thursday, even though it’s a blackberry pearl with a cracked screen (sucky on so many levels). It will have to do for now, because I really don’t want to spend money on a new phone when I am saving for my birthday trip and already need a new camera (that screen is cracked as well, notice a pattern?). Unfortunately a phone is at the bottom of my list of monetary expenditures. So if I can just make it through one more full day, then the majority of Thursday, I will have made it, 5 entire days with no cell phone. Longest I will have gone since GETTING a phone 10 years ago!!

Wish me luck!


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