Day 4

Day 4

I used the handy dandy alarm clock my roommate lent me last night. But I still woke up 30 minutes before the alarm, looking at the clock making sure it was still working. Funny how we have full confidence in our cellular devices to wake us, when an alarm clock holds the sole function of alarming us out of our sleep. It seemed like time went a lot faster this morning with those red numbers glaring at me. I prefer the not so invasive cell phone clock, which invites you to come over, press a key, and see the dim glow of your phone with those teeny numbers in the corner, gently reminding you of the time. I felt stressed this morning with those red numbers watching me, counting down to the moment I needed to leave the house.
I am becoming used to not having a phone, no texts, no voicemails. I call and contact people on my terms. I need something, I email. I want to say hi to my mom, I call her when I get to work. Its nice to have control.

Too bad my Skype connection is out of a third world country. I can’t hold a call for more than 3 minutes at a time, unless of course I’m cranking out Ab Ripper X with my partner in fitness crime! Skype says, sure, you wanna listen to this P90X guy scream at you to do more situps than humanly possible for 15 minutes? Skype away!
As soon as the workout ended, the call dropped. At least Skype wants me to have abs for spring!

Well, I’m off to look up a phone number on my PC, since I don’t have my handy phone to google map it for me, give me the phone number and directions. Here goes nothing…


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