Surviving in a Social Media world without a (smart) phone

Surviving in a Social Media world without a (smart) phone

I have always felt blessed to afford the nice, new phones on my particular provider. Most recently, I purchased the T-Mobile G1 (because I needed a keyboard and the MyTouch wasn’t out yet. I have never been particularly careful with my phones, leaving them in department stores, nightclubs, even one near-drowning incident involving a bathtub on spring break. Last night was no different. The major factor that has changed is the seemingly overnight addition of complete saturation into one’s life via social media. I can open my Google Maps and see what people are saying real-time in my community, where they are and what they think. Some people view this as “overshare” (a foursquare badge I’m proud to tout), but I view it more as, the future of personal interaction. I like the fact that, at any given moment, I can share, and view, the personal thoughts and opinions of most of the American population. I’ve worked out with friends on Skype, talked to my mom on Facebook Chat, even competed for Mayorship of my office building with coworkers. But last night, this all changed.

I was at a kids fun-zone, enjoying a round of go kart racing with friends, when my wristlet flew out of my lap and went flying onto the track, where it was subsequently run over by the majority of my fellow racers. My bag, and the contents inside, were destroyed. I was not immediately distraught, as the lifespan of my phones is never more than 12 months, and reaching the 7 month mark on this phone felt satisfactory. I was still able to contact the necessary parties, using a friends phone, and sending some quick emails, which notify straight to phones these days, serving the purpose of a text. Then the lightbulb went off… Could I function without a phone?? I mean, I emailed everyone I needed to, and they all responded within minutes of pressing “Send”.

I slept on the concept, and woke up solidified in my thought. I would try to see how long, and how effectively I could function without a cell phone. Of course, upon calling my mother to inform her of the plan, I was told immediately to go replace my phone, even if that meant purchasing a pre pay from walmart that was Sim Card compatible. But I consider myself a modern day intellectual, if I have the ways and means of conducting an experiment, especially one that I could share with the world at the click of a button… I would.

So here it goes. I am rounding out about 20 hours without my cell, and I’ve communicated with everyone I’ve wanted to, even adding a few new Skype contacts who I may need to get in touch with.

The parameters are of course, I can still use any and all mediums of communication, twitter, facebook, the land line in my office. BUT, I don’t have a cell phone, or a house phone at my residence. So all the phone calls I’ll make/receive will be between the hours of 9-5 Monday through Friday. And of course, I can no longer tell the world of my every stopp via FourSquare (I’m just realizing the 10+ mayorships I’m inevitably going to lose). But the big question is; with the plethora of social media tools at my fingertips, can I function fully and happily without my phone?

More to come!


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