No Alarm Clock? No Problem!

No Alarm Clock? No Problem!

This morning, I wake up, and immediately realize I have no idea what time it is! I turn on my computer, kick myself for not having a Mac with a 60 second boot up time, and wait for the time to load. 6:30am. I can’t go back to sleep, because there’s no telling when I’ll wake up, but it’s so early! So I lay in my bed for half an hour, then get up and clean my room before work.

Sunday night I’d completely forgotten that my cell phone, which is automatically programmed to alarm every week day getting me up in time for work, is my only device for waking me Monday morning. If only I had a device used solely for telling time, and has a function to set a pre-determined alarm… ah yes, an ALARM CLOCK!!

Well, now I’m reaching the end of my first work day, and I think it went well, just a frustrated boyfriend leaving messages on my office phone, and still no alarm clock. Better get to bed early!

Why The Experiment?
“You wont last long” a friend tells me. “When are you getting a new phone?” “I don’t have a plan yet”, I say. Another topic that added fuel to my scientific fire was the conversation I had with my mom. I am still of the fortunate few that tag along on their parents “Family Plan”, and I truly don’t have any intention of stepping out of that plan any time soon (love you mommy!). My parents are ready to terminate their contract and sign to a different service provider (if you read my first post you know who we’ll be abandoning). This confirmed my want to conduct the experiment, because if I purchase a new phone, I will extend the contract my family is on, thus dragging out the length of time in which my parents will wait to sign with a new provider. I don’t want to cause my parents any hardship, and since time is money, I figured, what a better time to conduct this experiment.


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