Day 3

Day 3

My internal clock is paranoid. I woke up at 6:30am for the second day in a row. This is better than waking up late for work, and good because I’m up so I might as well to do random things like clean and check email before work.

It’s hard not texting friends throughout the day. If you have a random question or thought. I’ve used email, twitter, and facebook messaging to complete these tasks, but there’s something about a little haldheld device that makes it seem that much more urgent.

As I suspected, not much has changed without my cell phone. I can still tweet, talk to my friends, make necessary calls to people who don’t have twitter and skype, like my mother, but it’s just a lot more… boring. That little ping your phone makes when you get a text, hearing LMFAO chant out “Shot Shot Shot!” when my friend Mia calls, these little luxuries are dearly missed.

Also, there are no longer last minute plans made, or invites extended. I leave the gym and have nothing to do on the ride home, except drive (gasp) and listen to the radio. I can’t see if a friend has invited me for drinks, or if I have any calls or emails to return during the nearly 2 hours I locked my phone away in the gym locker. In a society formed around being busy and feeling important, I have lost the device that solidified these feelings. It’s like Anne Hathaway in Bride Wars, who can jog without an iPod because she’s not scared of her own thoughts.

My brother is sending me an old blackberry, he has since upgraded to a G1, like I had previously. Taking your 19 year old brothers hand-me-downs is not where I envisioned myself in 2010. But, the show must go on. And I have a couple more days to experience life without just a cell phone, but an entire social media device.


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